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Syntax checking

TSW WebCoder real-time syntax check When you start working with a new language, like PHP, chances are that you will make lots of syntax errors. A syntax error is a missed semicolon, an unclosed parenthesis and so on. To detect these errors, you will usually have to call up your page in a browser, so that PHP can tell you if there's anything wrong with it. However, TSW WebCoder can be configured to detect these syntax errors for you, and alert you in a subtle manner, making it possible for you to fix the most obvious errors before testing your code.

In a previous chapter, we installed PHP on your computer. You will need the path where you installed it, since WebCoder needs access to the php.exe file to test the syntax of your code. In WebCoder, go to Functions and select Settings. Now, click on the Misc button in top and select the Paths tab. In the "PHP Executable path" you should enter the path, or simply click the button to the right, to locate the php.exe file on your computer. Once it's done, just click the Ok button.

Unless it has been turned off (Functions -> Settings -> IntelliSense -> PHP), WebCoder will now automatically check the syntax of your code in real time, and highlight lines with errors in them. If you wish to manually check the syntax of your document, select Functions -> Check PHP syntax.