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Installing Apache webserver
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Installing PHP
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Using the webserver
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The editor
Editor introduction
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100% complete
Syntax checking
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80% complete
Basic PHP
Hello, world!
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PHP tags
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100% complete
If statements
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More if statements
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The switch statement
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98% complete
Including files
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100% complete
Data types
Data types
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Working with numbers
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Working with strings Not started
More strings Not started
Working with arrays Not started
More arrays Not started
Introduction to PHP classes Not started
Defining and using a class Not started
Constructors and destructors Not started
Visibility Not started
Inheritance Not started
Abstract classes Not started
Static classes Not started
Class constants Not started
The "final" keyword Not started
Introduction to MySQL with PHP Not started
Establishing a connection Not started
Retrieving data Not started
MySQL and the WHERE part Not started
MySQL and the ORDER BY part Not started
MySQL and the LIMIT part Not started
Handling MySQL errors Not started
Cookies Not started
Working with forms
GET and POST forms Not started
Validating form input Not started