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The editor:

Editor introduction

When you're programming, your best friend is your editor. This is of course true for PHP as well, but while you only write in one language when doing applications with e.g. C++, you will need to write HTML and perhaps even CSS and JavaScript too, when doing websites with PHP. Sometimes you will have all of it mixed into one document, and without a proper editor, you can quickly get lost.

Perhaps you already have an editor, capable of handling PHP code properly, and that's fine. If not, this tutorial is written and tested with TSW WebCoder, and in the next couple of chapters, we will look into getting the most out of this editor. I really recommend that you give WebCoder a try - it will make learning and using PHP much, much easier.

Download TSW WebCoder and have a look at the following chapters, where we set it up some of the features which will really help you out.

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